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7899 This is the reason
Why do we gather at this flat. To pop BIG balloons. We put together 2 sofas as safe background and girls start laying and sitting on Chinese 24-inchers. Having some self-pops, of course – this is China (quality), baby. English subtitles...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 19.04.2019

Gefährlicher Blackmail-Timer
Vom egoistischen Clipwichser zur Blackmailoutingfotze – via Email Timer + Popp3rs. Ich weiß schon längst wie sehr du auf Popp3rs stehst und was es aus dir kleinen Fotze macht. Doch dieses mal wirst du einmal zu viel ziehen und dich endlich als Blackm...
Keywords: Brainfucking     Postet on: 07.02.2019

7790 She can hug you to death
Same as that tough round balloon. Spent more time on tying it than on inflation...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 18.01.2019

7708 Alone
I was doing something in other room while girls were left alone struggling with Gemars. Again and again, sport doesn’t play. Non-sporty smallies like Alina reliable kill Gemars in less than 4 minutes. Here, we have rather self-popping after much long...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 21.12.2018

Sahna's Second Opportunity - Complete Version
Sahna was really happy to win her first sweaty socks challenge a few months ago, but she was really disappointed about the fact that her slave was not able to deal with her sweaty socks in his face for two hours straight. She seems to be ready to giv...
Keywords: Foot Worship     Postet on: 10.11.2018

7796 Gnusmas
Samsung WB2000 let me down again. 1st S2P was lost, but it contained too much talks of girls who are generally not scared of B2P but hardly can S2P or hug pop. What a strange phenomena. We continued with some more balloon pairs. At least girls defini...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 22.09.2018

Oh no
Girls are actually too weak (and tired) to B2P Gemar rounds… At least they were overinflated. And popped by themselves....
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 11.08.2018

Girls pop bubbles
Girls pop bubbles...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 21.07.2018

7697 Vinyl off
Command is to deflate PVC toys...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 23.06.2018

7567 Now blue one
7567 Now blue one...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 16.06.2018

7651 1st for today session
Alina B2P 1st for today Chinese punchball. Quite big and definitely loud. Even with some neck...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 09.06.2018

7628 After-classes activity
Some girls company came for session after some classes. Initiator is such a busy-business girl......
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 19.05.2018

7635 Welcome newcomer
A couple of smaller girls show big newbie how big balloons should be blown to pop...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 14.05.2018

7551-2 Experiment X
As our worker is alone, she decides to do one test herself. She wonders how reliable Chinese unbranded condoms are, and can she present a show with one of them. It’s reliable, so she works hard when blowing it to pop. Size is impressive....
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 10.05.2018

3254 Nordic temperament
Sasha tries to B2P big round towards Dasha’s face. Looks like that doesn’t worry Dasha. But what worries Sasha are her clumsy hands – after overinflation efforts she let the balloon fly away...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 19.04.2018

Girls B2P, nail- and sit-pop different balloons
What happened to Dasha during childhood? Looks like she's learning to blow balloons only now. She's so beautiful, but her lungs and even butt are so small that even sit-pop is hard for her. Same time Sasha works hard bringing great necks to couple of...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 18.04.2018

3222 Girls B2P and nail-pop small hearts
Dasha is tiny and unskilled, and Sasha generally too, but at least she always overinflates :-)...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 17.04.2018

Balloon Party Nathalie Heelpop
Glamour girl Nathalie in sparkle antique long dress and sexy high heels plays with balloons on the bed. *** Keywords: fetishdreams, nathalie, pop, balloon riding, balloon play, balloon, popping, ride, long hair, balloonfetish, masspopping, barefoot, ...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 15.04.2018

More and more balloons to pop in face
As usually, we start with compressor duel to warm up. One inflator died during extra efforts to I2P a condom - they are so relatively hard comparing rubber thickness to balloons :-)...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 15.04.2018

Christine & bubbles
Christine pops big bubbles loudly and laughs at me standing with closed ears...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 14.04.2018

Also gone very fast. Then let's shoot bubbles. Hmm, I see a bit nervous reaction to shots. It's not made of steel :-)...
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 12.04.2018

White Big Balloon
Goddess Nika is wearing school girl outfit,blowing a big balloon till pop....
Keywords: ballons     Postet on: 11.04.2018

Have you ever wonder?
Have you ever wonder how really big can be these helium-filled balloons that you order for events? Of course, they are not overinflated because someone wants to make more money and save helium. But can he save latex too? Not more than 30 hours passed...
Keywords: Ballons     Postet on: 07.04.2018

Reprogrammierung zum Arbeitssklaven Teil 3
ACHTUNG: AUDIO DATEI welche als MP4 abgespeichert wurde (es handelt sich nicht um ein Video) In dem dritten Teil deiner Reprogrammierung zu meinem persönlichen Arbeitsvieh werden wir erörtern was für dich in deiner Zukunft als Arbeitsvieh die Gefühle...
Keywords: Brainfucking     Postet on: 07.04.2018

Victoria’s big tits and Julia’s round egg
Blue 16” heart is much bigger here than red one on another girl B2P. Good neck and incredible size. Julia looks lost and exhausted with her 16” round, so that slim and weak Vica overwhelms her with quick B2P making big fast blows. Julia’s B2P attempt...
Keywords: Balloons     Postet on: 05.04.2018

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