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Panty lover loser
It's just so fucking easy to make you cum. Pathetic panty lover loser you are. It sure won't take you long to pop your load today. Look how hot I look in my new SILKY RED AND BLACK LACE TRIM PANTIES. My ass look amazing in those as always. I know how...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 27.07.2012

Worship my golden ass
I know you?ve been wanting to stick your face in my ass. You?re going to pay for it you fucking pervert. Wearing a pair of tight, shiny gold leggings and a black & gold bikini. Teasing you making you weaker. Get real close and smell my ass perv. Of c...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 27.07.2012

Dein Gesicht als Sitzkissen
Schau dir von ganz Unten usere göttlichen Ärsche an und mach dich bereit Arschkriecher, denn wir wollen deine Sklavenfresse als Sitzkissen und du wirst riechen und an Luftnot fast ersticken hahahhaha... ...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 27.07.2012

Cum Piggy
You just cannot resist Mistress Lucy and Lady Nina Leigh's PERFECT ASSES! losers have spent thousands and thousands, just to drool over their cracks! Slaves have paid their annual income to worship these women and especially their rear ends... ...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 21.07.2012

Come on, beg to sniff my perfect round ass. you are such a freak , you wish spend the whole day under my ass and sniff it non stop.Bow down and sniff it like a horny d*g freak...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 13.07.2012

Come on, beg to sniff my perfect round ass. you are such a freak , you wish spend the whole day under my ass and sniff it non stop.Bow down and sniff it like a horny d*g freak...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 07.07.2012

Tan PH part
Alice sits on Maggie's belly, full weight on the bar. ...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 07.07.2012

Jasmine's Ass
Jasmine Jones wants all you losers to buy this clip, get on your knees and stare up to the screen, where you will WORSHIP her PERFECT ass!!! You have an addiction to young, bratty Princesses but after staring at perfection, you will not be able to se...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 30.06.2012

Nina's Crack
The LOSERS really are coming out in their drones to worship Lady Nina Leigh that's for sure. Once you lay your eyes on her perfect ASS CRACK you'll understand why! You will drop to your knees and pledge your legiance to HER once again, because this i...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 30.06.2012

Real fetish doll 3
Bambina got a real doll. This is a new model of robot cyborg girl made for human sick pleasures and she is made of natural fiber. With pretty body and cute innocent face and green eyes, it looks so realistic. We will call it Eileen 2012... ...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 30.06.2012

''NEXT DOOR COCKSUCKERoutift , and skimpy string panties and violet lipstick. Includes punishment with foward/reverse facesit, breast smothering...and SEVERE lipsticking...reapplying so you can get my face really covered. You deliver a pizza to my ho...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 30.06.2012

Butt close up
Get on your knees and kiss my great ass, wanker. Thank me for such a privilege to see it in such a detail. Stroke your dick as I wiggle my butt in you face.... I slap it, wag it, pull my panties down for better view ... what else could you ask for?:)...
Keywords: Butt Fetish      Postet on: 22.06.2012

Kim's pressure
Sanja is back and she wants to try herself as a victim. Tall and pretty beauty Kim sits on her belly and leaves her without the air. ...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 22.06.2012

What are you thinking about when you watch ME? Today I will come in your room for the first time and I will make your dream come true! Whats your addiction! Whats your weak spot?Ass smothering , taking your breath out? Are you sure? I may suffocate y...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 22.06.2012

Human Couch Theatre
Cynthia sits in silence! When I watch this clip I could swear Cynthia is flirting with the customers as she sits on me. Pay close attention to her eyes and the way she looks at you the viewer! ...
Keywords: Butt Crush      Postet on: 22.06.2012

On my bed
Can you do a video of you showing off your gorgeous milky white, shapely bare legs and butt? Lay on your tummy wearing panties and a top with your bare legs straight back (almost touching) and you move them around a little i.e. flexing, tightening, s...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 08.06.2012

Ass addicted junkie
Yummy treat for you ass fanatics! Jerk, stare and get addicted! My scrumptious ass is going to take over your mind, leaving you hot, horny and wanting more! ...
Keywords: Butt Fetish      Postet on: 08.06.2012

Thats a good reason to stroke your pathetic cock, isnt it?Get on your knees loser and get your balls heavy full, pervert!Stroke for my electric blue bikini and emthy your balls for ME! Stroke, edge, cum and lick your mess, bikini loser! ...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 08.06.2012

Isabel 5
A new beauty meets skinny guy. She is 186cm tall and she weight about 70 kilos. Beautiful red hair and green eyes, pretty body and great feet. This young girl is just guest model, for now... Isabel tries his stomach muscles. She sits, flatten and b...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 26.05.2012

Blast to my ass
Does my bootie got you weak just from looking at the preview?? Well then I should forewarn you NOT TO BUY THIS THEN!!! It will only cause you to become weak and addicted ;) ...
Keywords: Butt Worsh     Postet on: 12.05.2012

Girls Read, Men Sniff
Murderotica thinks guys like you are too stupid to read a book! She'll read a book...YOU CAN CONCENTRATE ON SNIFFING HER ASS! ...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 12.05.2012

My ass servant
You are my ass servant, the servant of my ass - because you will worship my ass. My ass will be as necessary for you to survive as is the air that you breathe. Again and again you will dream of my hot ass, wishing you could be near it, and nearer sti...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 05.05.2012

Mia stomach and chest sitting
Even today the body of Gommolo is not left to rest. Mia sits heavily and continuously bouncing on him stomach and him chest... INTENSIVE SITTING...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 28.04.2012

Time to worship my satin panties lover boy.Stare at my perfect ass and beg Me to let your cum loserboy!First try to guess the color the start squeezing your balls...I want that cock become full hard when I will lift up my skirt... ...
Keywords: Butt Domination      Postet on: 28.04.2012

Los Arschnutte, runter auf die Knie und fang an meine schmutzigen Stiefel und meinen Arsch anzubeten!!! Willst du mal riechen? JAAA das glaube ich dir! Aber zuvor wirst du unter meinen strengen Kommandos schnüffeln, lecken und winseln du NICHTS!!!! ...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 21.04.2012