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Addicted ass addict
I know that one of my most desirable assets to worship is my beautiful ass and its not everyday you get the chance to do so. So when I tell you to worship, stroke and tribute you better thank the heavens above and happily do it! So position yourself ...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 03.06.2015

Extreme Ass Worship
I put my sexy round ass right in your loser ass addicted face, shaking it, smacking it, rubbing it, grabbing it, bouncing it, all close up in your face teasing you making you set there and watch but you are not allowed to move, no stroking or touchin...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 24.04.2015

Daisy Duke Worship
I know you've been waiting for the weather to get warm you fucking loser. You're just aching to see girls in short shorts so you can fill your pathetic wank bank. Well you have to pay me to see my perfect Korean ass in denim Daisy Duke shorts. Get on...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 17.04.2015

Whale Tail Jenny
Du stehst auf meinen geilen Whale Tail Arsch - also schau ihn dir an und vergöttere ihn....
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 06.04.2015

Sternchengucker :)
Willst du auf mein Sternchen gucken? Ja? Keine Ahnung, was das nun wieder ist? Mein Sternchen ist das, wo du am liebsten deine Nase den ganzen Tag reinstecken würdest. Die Stelle an meinem Körper, die für deine Nase am besten duftet :). Na? Weißt du ...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 04.04.2015

Nein, du bist es nicht wert, es macht mir allerdings sehr viel Spaß dir genau das zu zeigen was du NIE haben wirst. Selbstverständlich darfst du noch schön dafür blechen die verbotene Frucht zu betrachten. Demütigt kniest du vor deinem PC und leidest...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 01.04.2015

Arschriechen beim Abwasch
Miss Jackson steht in der Küche und macht den Abwasch. Doch ihrem Arschriech-Sklaven gönnt sie dennoch keine Pause. Er muss angekrochen kommen und sich hinter seine Arsch-Herrin hocken. Er soll jetzt an ihrem Hintern riechen! Doch so wie er es macht,...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 27.03.2015

Ass Addiction
Na Kleiner? Bist schon lange fasziniert von weiblichen Knackärschen mmh? Du liebst sie besonders in engen Leggings, Leder oder Lack. Heute ist dein Glückstag Sklavensau! Du darfst meinen göttlichen Arsch in meiner neuen cremefarbenen Leder-Jeans ansc...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 27.03.2015

Extremes Knackarsch Teasing!
Heute konzentrierst du dich voll und ganz auf meinen geilen Prachtarsch! Du kleiner Sklavesack bist schließlich ganz besessen von meinem göttlichen Arsch! Klar, dass du bei dem Anblick gleich wieder an's Wichsen denkst! Per Anweisung - Stop and Go - ...
Keywords: Butt Workship     Postet on: 20.03.2015

Mein Arsch zerfickt dir dein Hirn!
Guck dir meinen Arsch an, Loser! Er ist sooo verdammt heiß, nicht wahr!? Ich bin mir so sicher, dass dein Schwanz bei diesem Anblick bereits hart wie ein Stein ist! Doch ich werde dich noch viel geiler machen und deinen Verstand noch mehr ficken! Mit...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 07.03.2015

Panty Therapy
Walter sees a therapist for his panty sniffing obsession. Things get a little kinky once his therapist Kate asks him to demonstrate!...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 04.03.2015

Smell here my sweat bitch!
The dirty Bitch named JOY wants you to lick and sniff her sweaty armpits and ass and she orders you to worship her stinky feet. Pure Sweat Dominance and Humiliation.......
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 27.02.2015

This is a 10 minute clip of just my beautiful ass but that?s all you need right, your my pathetic little ass addict, my bottom bitch, my ass junkie! Now lean in and kiss this incredible ass of mine while you jerk for me! Clip Includes: Ass worship, T...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 20.02.2015

I know how weak you are made by My ass. Want a closer look? A loser like you doesn't get close without some serious humiliation - I want to drill into your loser brain what a social reject you are as you kneel mesmerized by My ass. I command you to p...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 13.02.2015

Pussy Worshippers Paradise
Danielle Maye knows exactly what drives you pathetic losers wild! Her perfect pussy, you can see it pressing through in her tight leggings as she drives you absolutely insane. Every move she makes sends shivers down your spine, just thinking of how c...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 12.02.2015

Kiss My Ass
I still have the key...the key from your cock...and I can play with this key, but you can't play with your cock, because your cock is locked. You must kiss and worship my ass to get the key back! - custom video...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 06.02.2015

Fall Mercy To My Curves
Miss Vicky Narni is your world, your inspiration, your reason to get out of bed every morning. She knows she hasn't been here long but as a beautiful, sexy, Domme she has the power to make you do absolutely anything she wants, whatever she needs, wha...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 30.01.2015

Only Number 9
Walter just got back from his vacation and already he's in trouble! Kate's pissed to see her studio down to number 9 on the c4s charts! She feels they should be at number 1! She doesn't want Walter going on vacation or relaxing, his only purpose in l...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 25.01.2015

Black leggings tease
Black wet look leggins tease is great thing for do in front of a guy. Isn't it? Get a look on the chick you won't ever get....
Keywords: Butt Workship     Postet on: 23.01.2015

Black leggings tease
Black wet look leggins tease is amazing thing for do in front of a guy. Isn't it? Get a look on the chick you won't ever get as submissive piggyboy....
Keywords: Butt Workschip     Postet on: 16.01.2015

You're going to smell my ass now
I want you to smell my ass now. For a loser like you are that's just the right thing - you'll inhale my odor! Come on, press your nose into my ass and smell it you dirty pig. You're going to inhale my ass odor - and guess what? I'd love to just fart ...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 13.01.2015

Addicted Lindsey Ass Addict
You are easily controlled by an amazing ass. Of course it is only natural that you would worship my ass. I know you are a helpless ass junkie. You are so obsessed with my ass it controls your cock. You helplessly pump and stroke for my ass any chance...
Keywords: Butt Worship     Postet on: 09.01.2015

Its in your hands
Get on your knees and beg me to let you stroke! But today I will not tell you how long you can stroke. Its totally up to you. Its in your hands - well, kind of. You will have as many minutes to orgasm as..... no, I wont tell you now. Buy the clip to ...
Keywords: Butt worship     Postet on: 06.01.2015

Ruin it for my ass
Your cock belongs to me and you know it. I am going to work you up really good, teasing you with your addiction; MY ASS then when you are at your highest point I will count you down. Only this time when I get to 1 you will ruin your orgasm for my ass...
Keywords: Butt Workship     Postet on: 02.01.2015

Irresistible Ass Jerk Off
Lets just cut to the chase. I have a gorgeous ass that you like to jerk off to. You like the way I manage your cock during your meat beating sessions. You know you are going to buy this clip because the .gif is fucking hot and you can't resist my ass...
Keywords: Butt Worship      Postet on: 31.12.2014